15 may. 2009

Hart Hanson On Twitter Said:

Hart Hanson

@ I absolutely CANNOT confirm. It wasn't a dream, it wasn't a book, it was something else. The meeting of two minds?
@ Agh, vacation curtailed by BONES negotiations. I'm back home in time to be buffeted by audience reaction to finale. Reap what you sow!
@ Harsh realities for BONES: http://bit.ly/W6jXU
@ Everything was done on purpose ... everything was done for a reason ... everything means something ...
@ We would not have a chance, no. And I believe it could be the worst end to a series EVER, in that case.
@ I always said that the season finale was made specifically for our long time audience, the loyal fans who've kept us alive.
@ Waiting for news, lots of fuss, lots of phone calls, lots of worry and guessing and estimating ... and waiting...
@TJThyne You go, girl!
@ BONES (2.5/8) had an encouraging outing during last nights season finale +24% A18-34 +9% among A18-49. BONES A18-34 (tie with SURVIVOR).